Cómo hacer que los buscadores indexen código JavaScript

No es un problema desconocido el que los buscadores no son capaces de interpretar código JavaScript. O por lo menos no todo. Y esta no indexación por parte de los motores de búsqueda como Google hace mucho más difícil el posicionamiento web. Nuestra página no estará optimizada para el posicionamiento en los buscadores y esto […]

Developing a mobile app for Android and iOS with Cordova

Programming a mobile app for different platforms can be now much easier with Apache Cordova. The reason is simple. Cordova is an open-source mobile development framework for developing mobile apps in more than one platform. This avoids you programming in each platform native language using technologies such as JavaScript, HMTL5 and CSS3.

Cómo crear un plugin sencillo para jQuery

Hoy vamos a crear un plugin para jQuery, sencillo pero útil. El plugin transformará un input normal (<input type=»text» …>) en un control con un más y un menos para que sea más cómodo de usar en una pantalla táctil. Vamos a pasar de esto: A esto:    

Twitter alerts: using twitter streaming API for fun and profit

Twitter is a wonderful service, but, until now, you have to subscribe to some websites to be alerted when a selected word (maybe your trademark) is tweeted. We’ll try to develop a service that filters the tweeter api, stores the interesting ones in our database, and show them in the browser in real time. If […]

Three column layout with full page height

Sometimes I wish I could do things that were easily done with table-based layouts but quite hard using just CSS. Following a couple of posts in a CSS related Spanish mailing list (Ovillo), a guy called Zafonic showed me how to use negative margins and positive paddings to make equal sized columns. With a couple […]

The definitive heatmap

After the interest shown about the clickmaps / heatmaps articles, I’ve decided to gather all the information into an easy to use system. What we are going to make is a complete solution that allows collecting, analyzing and showing the click information our users give us. Now, it works in web pages not center aligned […]

Zero budget eye tracking. Clickmaps.

Eye tracking is quite expensive. The hardware and software have astounding capabilities, but sometimes it’s hard to justify the expenditure. But there is a technique that can imitate it until certain point. You can find where your users are clicking using just a bit of javascript and server side programming. Find out how…

Eye tracking para pobres

Los dispositivos de eye tracking son caros. Dan un rendimiento excepcional para analizar adónde miran los visitantes de un sitio web, pero a veces es dificil justificar la inversión. Si consigues convencer a tus testers para que hagan click en el punto al que miran, puedes sacar conclusiones…