The final HeatmapAfter the interest shown about the clickmaps / heatmaps articles, I’ve decided to gather all the information into an easy to use system. What we are going to make is a complete solution that allows collecting, analyzing and showing the click information our users give us. Now, it works in web pages not center aligned and is quite a bit more robust. Read on… Read the rest of this entry »

NOTE: This post has been improved at The definitive heatmap
There is not much documentation about creating heat maps. I haven’t been able to find an open source solution that, giving the coordinates, creates a heat map like those shown in Etre blog
In the last post (part 1, part 2) we got a list of click positions in a web page, but the result is easy to improve.

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In the first part of Zero budget eye tracking, we wrote a small script to keep track of the clicks in a web page. A couple of days after, we already have some information to analyze. Keep on reading to know how… Read the rest of this entry »

Eye tracking is quite expensive. The hardware and software have astounding capabilities, but sometimes it’s hard to justify the expenditure. But there is a technique that can imitate it until certain point. You can find where your users are clicking using just a bit of javascript and server side programming. Find out how… Read the rest of this entry »

En la primera parte del artículo escribimos un pequeño script para analizar la posición de los clicks en una página web. Despues de unas cuantas pruebas más, ya tenemos la información necesaria para hacer un pequeño análisis. Read the rest of this entry »

Los dispositivos de eye tracking son caros. Dan un rendimiento excepcional para analizar adónde miran los visitantes de un sitio web, pero a veces es dificil justificar la inversión. Si consigues convencer a tus testers para que hagan click en el punto al que miran, puedes sacar conclusiones… Read the rest of this entry »