Clickmaps in sourceforge

Today, all the code for creating clickmaps has been uploaded to sourceforge and made public under a GPL license. You can find it at

Thanks to jerret, the code now uses RMagick calls and it’s usable with logs sporting more than ten thousand clicks per page.

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  1. Hi,
    Sorry but I tried this using RMagick and for me, it’s only usable with logs sporting about nine hundred clicks per page, not more..
    Have you got an idea?
    Thank you

  2. Hi Nico,

    I haven’t used the RMagick version extensivelly in a production environment. As I stated, it was only made as a proof of concept. We already have a C version that works about 20 thousand clicks a second and up to ten million clicks, that was developed for a customer and internal use.

    Anyhow, the main problem with the RMagick version is that it uses too much resources once there are many dots. The previous version, while much slower, was more solid since it saves the in-between images for each dot drawn. The best idea is to adapt the RMagick version so that it splits the dots in about 100-dots groups and work over them, or, otherwise, aplly the same approach we did and wite an standalone version (or license ours) to have enterprise-grade results.

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